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CLIENT PROBLEM – Messy books didn’t make sense and client wasn’t able to get clear answers from inhouse bookkeeping.

Sometimes leaders don’t clearly understand the technical or operative information harvested from good financial reporting. Nonetheless, this leader intuited a need for it. This is the intuition you need to be successful.

MERGIX SOLUTION – Launch with an analysis of the books followed by a massive clean up, education, and the spotting of new opportunities for profit.

Once we had correct information, Mergix shared how to read and interpret the data. 

MAJOR WINS –  Client learned to see into the operations side of their company by understanding the story told in the reports AND could now spot opportunities available to them in the future. 

Not all owners and business leaders run their organizations from the numbers. Keep in mind that 95% of businesses fail in the first 5 years, usually as a result of this mindset.  And while it’s true that even a company that runs by the numbers can fail, 0 % of successful businesses are run any other way.  The trick is educating ownership in how to interpret the financial information in a way that empowers them to make the very best decisions possible.  To successful people, the books, the financial reporting, and the system that produces them are absolutely and undeniably critical.