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Adam Feuerstein

CFO Trainning
Tax Advice

AAdam is an entrepreneur and turnaround specialist whose last business was purchased after a request for his review and AFTER discovering they had $ 1.6 million in losses. So yes, he bought a failing business. Which he turned around and made profitable in 24 months. Then he sold the business 2 years later at 11x the purchase price. That’s when he joined Mergix. Adam’s ability to interpret company financials, and trace their issues back to operations – company morale, recruiting, inventory, manufacturing, etc.

This skill is the lynchpin that reorients an entire business and steers it in the right direction.

In Adam’s world, business creativity flourishes within the confines of numerical boundaries. The facts, the rules, the math – these aren’t your limitations, they’re the raw material of financial opportunity.

Life outside and off the internet:
Just dump him in the middle of nowhere with his wife and his mountain bike, and Adam will be stoked.


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